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    China Travel Compass, a branch of China Palace International Travel Service, is the leading International travel agent approved by the Chinese National Tourism Administration (CNTA) (License No. L-ZY-GJ00017) and specialized on International in-bound travel business.

Alex Lee

Direct Manager
Majored in English

My favorite pastime is traveling. I enjoy getting close to nature, breathing fresh air at the top of a mountain or walking barefoot on the beach.
I am also proud of the long history of China and want to share the beauty with you. That is why I chose a career as a travel agent. Trust me, I will show you a beautiful, traditional and exotic China through my detailed and thoroughly prepared travel arrangements.
Mobile: (+86)13910057873
Office:( +86)-10- 59796302
Vera Guo

Tour Coordinator
Majored in English

The world is just like a book, people who have never traveled can only read one page of it. I’m fond of traveling. Sharing traveling experience with friends and guests always excites me.
When you travel to the same place next time, take your map along with you and don’t forget to add something new. If some day your children travel in the steps of your map, it’ll surely be fantastic.

E-mail :
Mobile : (+86) 13141241173
Office   : (+86)-10-59796303
Echo Wang

Office Assistant
Majored in English

There is an old Chinese saying: "Read hundreds of rolls (books), and travel thousands of miles." I like this saying very much. That's why I choose to work in the travel industry.
I very much enjoy communicating with travelers from all over the world and introducing my beautiful homeland to my friends (most of whom I never meet in person).

E-mail :
Mobile : (+86) 18911272753
Office   : (+86)-10-59796303
Gaolin Bin

Wed Designer and Programmer
Majored in Web Designning

To enjoy the journey is my goal in life; I believe firmly that where there is a will there is a way.
Hobbies: traveling, football and music, watching movie Developing programs.

Email :
Mobile: (+86) 13141241173
Office  :( +86)-10-59796303