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    Hutong is a kind of special old lane in Beijing. It aapeard in Yuan dynasty in Chinese history, and was originated from Mongolian language. It means water wells in Mongolian language. There are thousands of Hutong around the Forbidden City. Most of the residents were from the royal families. For the shabby Hutong, they were usually far away from the south and north of the Forbidden City, and most of the residents who lived here were common residents.

    The main buildings in Hutong are quadrangles. It is a kind of building, which is formed with room, west wing room, principal room and connection room together; there is also a kind of certain rules for the residents in quadrangles. Generally speaking, gate building was use for storage, reversely- set room is the place for childrens living; principal room is the best house. So only the owner of the house of the eldest son can live there. In order to get more sunshine, quadrangles were usually situated in the north and towards the south. Some of the Quadrangles were towards the east and the west for the convenience of contract. There are also small lanes besides the wide Hutong.

    The whole city is just a big quadrangle.

    Before the end of Qing dynasty, china was in the backward feudalism.

    People usually think that business is a kind o f poor job. SO Beijing was a kind of free and indulging city for the emperor as well as the royal family and the main place were focused in Hutong. For this reason, quadrangle is a shadow of life-style and society in that period. With dynasties went on , the closed quadrangles were influence? by the foreign culture . most to the newly built were no linger tidy. The condition of Hutong change from prosperous to backward.

    This is a certain period of Hutong with the dismiss of feudalism.

    Hutong is not only the main layout and passages. It appeared after the formation of city. Correctly speaking, it appeared after Beijing formed the capital of the Yuan dynasty, and the development of the city is the sign of society. In this way, Hutong recorded the change of history, and it also inscribed the culture of life, just like a display of common peoples different life style in different dynasties.