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As you know, about 62% of Beijing's landmass is mountainous area where millions of villages are scattered with the history of hundreds of years. In Beijing, the permanent residents include 8.495 million urban residents and 3.1 million rural residents according to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. The registered number of transit population has reached 3.649 million. So the total number of people living in Beijing has reached 15.244 million. To know Beijing better and have a clearer picture of Beijing, it is a must to visit a village around Beijing to see how they live and what they do.

China has set out the plan called "building a new socialist countryside" to redress the gap dividing the country into two parts: the affluent urban and the less developed rural area. China's top leadership has the ambitious plan to build a "new socialist countryside" trying to assist peasants, who work very hard all the year round, but earn little. The plan is believed to feature a great shift in infrastructure and investment priorities from urban to rural areas. Although China is traditionally an agricultural country with over half of the population still farming, industrialization and urbanization have outweighed other fields on the government agenda in the past decades.

Rural China has fallen behind the pace with the development of urban areas. The new countryside plan shows that the government is to pay equal attention to the countryside as to the cities, and is to revitalize rural China through science and technology. The official criteria for the new countryside are "enhanced productive forces, higher living standards, civilized living style, an orderly and clean environment, and democratic administration". The new countryside plan has achieved positive results as below:

1) Better interaction between urban and rural areas and on the construction of harmony in rural communities.
2) Great efforts have been made to perfect social security systems in the countryside.
3) The plan aims to construct the rural areas into desirable communities for comfortable living attractive both to conventional rural dwellers but also urbanites.
4) Now a large part of the rural areas in Beijing has sustained the momentum of development and remain affluent.