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    Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, and is acclaimed as “the land of abundance”. This famous historical and cultural city, located in the west of the Sichuan basin and middle reaches of the Minjiang River, is the hub of Sichuan's tourist scenic area, which connects Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot, Emei Mountain, and Daocheng attractions.

    With its long history, Chengdu boasts an abundance of tourist attractions. Among the highlights are Shu Han culture, breathtaking scenery and the Giant Panda Reserve. There are many places of historical interest in Chengdu, such as the- Wuhou Memorial Hall, Du Fu's Cottage, the former residence of a famous poet in Chinese history, as well as -the Jujiangyan Irrigation System. The Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center, is the only giant panda breeding and research base in the world.