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    Chengdu is famous for its thick characteristic of leisure and enjoyment. From traditional teahouses, theaters to modern pubs and clubs, Chengdu people know how to enjoy the night. Every corner in Chengdu offers the warmest welcome.
    As a local opera popular in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces, Sichuan opera is an important part of Chengdu culture. It began in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) as a combination of five operatic tunes introduced from other regions. Retaining the Sichuan dialect, the role of Chou (Clown) covers a comparatively large part of the performance; Sichuan opera often presents a charming witty atmosphere. Its varied performances, such as Bianlian (Changing faces), Gundeng (Rolling lamps) and Tuhuo (Spitting fire) are very popular; Bianlian (Changing faces) is famous even overseas for its mysterious techniques.

    The famous Changing faces can be seen in the Sichuan Opera Theater, at No. 20, Zhuangyuan Street and also in Shunxing Old Tea House, third floor of Chengdu International Exhibition Center, No. 258, Shawan Road; in Shufeng Square inside People's Park, and in Shufeng Yayun Garden in the Culture Park.
    As the saying goes, Tea houses of Sichuan rank first in the world, while those of Chengdu rank first in Sichuan. Tea houses play an important role in the lives of Chengdu natives. Distributed throughout the city, tea houses are far more than places for drinking tea. They are places for relaxation and social activities, and even more, as a reflection of local life. Here one may enjoy such genuine Chinese teas as jasmine, Maofeng and Zhuyeqing, and Sichuan opera performances as well.

    Yuelai Tea House, located on Huaxingzheng Street, provides free Sichuan opera performances from 14:00 to 16:00 every Tuesday and Saturday.

    Heming Tea House, an outdoor teahouse located inside Renmin Park, is picturesque and quiet; service time from 6:00 to 19:00.

    Dabei Temple Tea House enjoys a good reputation for its history and surrounding ancient architecture. Antique and Chinese calligraphy and painting exchanges often take place here.

    Wenshu Monastery Tea House attracts the locals and visitors with its traditional tea services and inexpensive prices. It is located inside Wenshu Monastery, Middle Renmin Road.
    While featuring the culture of ancient Shu, as a blooming business center and primary metropolis of Southwest China, Chengdu is endowed with modern flavours. Pubs and clubs are primarily in busy streets such as Renmin South Road and west of Yangshi Street. Cafes, discos, karaoke bars, ballrooms, and bowling alleys are also here. Kakadu Club, Glasshouse Pub, Gaomeigao in Lihua Street and Hongse Niandai (Red Ages) in Renmin South Road, among others, are well known among younger people.

    Kakadu Club & Disco
    Location: No. 16, the third section, south of the first Ring Road, Chengdu
    Dance music and theme parties.

    Hongse Niandai (Red Age) Club
    Location: Entrance of Nijia Bridge Road, Chengdu. Close to the American Consulate Chengdu
    It has ten or so KTV boxes of various styles, as well as restaurant and disco hall.
    Highlights: passionate music, DJ competition, fashion shows.

    Meigaomei International Recreational Club
    Location: Floor 5, Yanshikou Square, Lihua Street, Chengdu
    It is a KTV club with VIP box, disco hall, performance hall and sports bar

    Allen Story Cafe
    Location: No. 107, Shuangyuan Street, Shuangnan Residential District, Chengdu
    Highlight: The cafe offers telephone service among guests. One can make friends with other guests through a phone call.

    Renhe Spring Cafe
    Location: Floor 5, Renhe Spring Department Store, No. 59, Renmin East Road, Chengdu

    The Coffee Beanery
    Location: Floor 2, Gaobang Department Store, Chunxi Road, Chengdu