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    Compared with other major Chinese cities, Chengdu is manageable on foot. The heart and exact center of the city is Tianfu Square. Three ring roads, known as ¡¯huan¡¯ then form concentric circles around Tianfu Square. Renmin Lu, or the People¡¯s Street, bisects the ring roads on a north/south axis.

    To walk from Tianfu Square to the southern part of the 1st ring road takes about 25-30 minutes. Most important sites are within the 2nd ring road and many bars, clubs, and restaurants are concentrated in the south end of the city between the 1st and 2nd ring roads. The Renmin Lu and ring roads are also broken up into sections called ¡¯duan¡¯.. Unfortunately Chengdu¡¯s street names change practically every kilometer, so it is important to familiarize yourself with landmarks such as Tianfu Square, the train stations, and the ring roads.
    The easiest means of getting around Chengdu City is by taking one of the many taxis. The drivers are always happy to give advice to visitors. Visitors do not need to worry about not being able to get back to their hotel, because every hotel will offer its guests a business card written in Chinese and English that will instruct taxi drivers how to take you back to your hotel.
    There are public buses that travel throughout Chengdu City, and taking the bus would be the best and the most common mean to get around the city. The buses charge only 1 to 2 RMB. The new sightseeing buses, No.901 and No.902, have ticket takers who speak both Chinese and English and also have multimedia systems for foreigners who speak other languages. As their routes cover most of the famous and interesting tourist attractions in Chengdu City, this means of transportation has become one of the most convenient and popular choices among visitors.

    Route No. 901, a double-decker open sightseeing bus, operates 8:30 ¨C 18:00 with an interval of 30 minutes, and the main tourist sites it stops at include: New South Gate Tourist Distributing Center, Renmin Road, Wuhou Shrine, QingyangTemple, Songxian Bridge, Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, Qingyang Avenue, Jinsha Site. A day ticket costs 10 RMB and will allow five admissions per day. Otherwise it is 3 RMB for only one boarding.

    Route No. 902 sightseeing bus operates 9:30 ¨C 18:00 with an interval of 15 minutes. The main tourist site stops include: New South Gate Tourist Distributing Center, Yuefu Street, Caoshi Street, Wenshu Monastery, Jiefang Road, East Erxian, Bridge Road, Chenghua Avenue, Longtan Temple, Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding. Riding the No. 902 bus costs 2 RMB.
    The primary mode of transportation for locals in Chengdu is still the bicycle. It is also a perfect way for visitors to explore this city. It offers visitors the chance to stop where they would like, for as long as they want. Renting a bicycle in Chengdu costs 10 to 30 RMB, plus deposit.

    For visitors who are not using a tour company to visit Chengdu, a car rental would be a nice option. Car rentals begin at 600 RMB for an 8 hour day.
    To fully appreciate Chengdu the way it has been seen by residents for centuries, a ride in one of the city's many Pedicabs is the best choice. They are also a good way for visitors to relax, and tour the city.
    Getting around China by train, or bus is the most common way to get to most cities. Chengdu's railway station and long-distance bus stop, are located adjascent from each other on the north side of the city. It is recommended that visitors be cautious about their belongings and personal safety while using these two modes of transportation.
    20 kilometers away from Chengdu's city center is the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. As one of China's main transportation hubs, Chengdu's airport has flights to most of China's major cities and some international destinations. Flights within Sichuan Province, including the popular tourist destination Jiuzhaigou, are served by this Chengdu Airport.