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    Guilin food is characterized by its combination of different cooking techniques and ingredients. Particularly popular here is Guangdong style cuisine which is beautifully presented and delicately flavored and Hunan and Sichuan cooking which is the same hot and spicy as in its home province!

    The best restaurants to sample Guangdong style cooking are the Jiulong (Nine Dragon) Restaurant and Jufuling Restaurant. The Xiangshuiqing Restaurant serve great Hunan style food. The best Sichuan style restaurant is Yiyuan Restaurant. The best Guilin favor food can be found in Taste Made Restaurant.

    The Central Square and Zhengyang Street area of the city is one of the best districts to check out local cuisine. Seafood is also hugely popular and generally very fresh and full of flavor here.

    Guilin Night Shows

    Location of the famous restaurants
    Jiulong (Nine Dragon) Restaurant: riverside
    Jufuling Restaurant: downtown
    Xiangshuiqing Restaurant: outskirt of the city
    Yiyuan Restaurant: downtown
    Taste Made Restaurant: outskirt

    Yiyuan Restaurant
    This restaurant serves food in Sichuan style (Spicy) which is very popular in Guilin. Guilin food is often also spicy. Yi Yuan has two restaurants in Guilin. It get a very favorable mention in The Lonely Planet Guide so you may see other foreign visitors if they beat the local to get table especially during the popular dining hours.

    Features:  Sichuan Favor, English Menu
    Address: Nanhuan Road 17, Guilin
    Tel: 0773-2820470

    Taste Made Restaurant
    A new eating place in Guilin, the Taste Made Restaurant - New Style Guilin Cooking- has quickly gained reputation as a place to get delicious food with the local population.

    Features:  Local Favor, life show at dinner time
    Address: East Lijiang Road 19, Guilin
    Tel: 0773-5880098

    Jin Long Zhai 
    Jin Long Zhai is a Chinese cuisine company collecting high cultural taste and modern management. The head office is located in the busy commercial center area and is very popular in Guilin. Jin Long Zhai was founded in 1997 specialized in Guilin flavors. It has several branches in Guilin, so it is easy to find out. Service is good too. 

    Che Ma Pao Soup Restaurant 
    In Chinese Che, Ma and Pao represent three sorts of Chinese chessman. Che Ma Pao Soup Restaurant simply named Che Ma Pao. It is a restaurant serves home style food. Che Ma Pao was started from 1995 and it began to cook soup from 1999. Soup Chaffy Dish is the most famous dish there. Until 2005, there are three outlets in Guilin. Each branch has special dishes. Che Ma Pao provides people classical Chinese food many of which are good to health. 
    Address 1: 30 Cuizhu Road, Guilin 
    Address 2: 6 Xinyi Road, Guilin 
    Address 3: No.6 to No.7 Putuo Road, Guilin 

    Da Tang Hai Xian
    Da Tang Hai Xian means sea food world. If you are searching for a good restaurant for seafood, the ideal place is Da Tang Hai Xian. People of Guilin have a common concept of having seafood from Da Tang Hai Xian. This restaurant was in Ximen Bridge in the past, but it is now move to the side of Taohua River. The surroundings is now more beautiful than in it is in the past. There are nearly hundreds categories of seafood such as shrimps, sea cucumber, oyster, fin, scallop, tunny and so on. 
    Address: 1 Zhongshan Road, Guilin 

    Mei You Cafe
    Mei You Cafe is very famous in Yanghsuo. Mei You means nothing. It is a very special name. The catchword there is "No". "No breakfast, No money, No food, No beer… but we do have." Yes this restaurant does have ability to provide every thing edible. Food there is varied and abundant. There are icons of Chinese monarchs. Chinese food and Western style food all are available there. There are three branches in Yangshuo West Street. Mei You Cafe is a restaurant on day time and is bar at night. 
    Address: Yangshuo West Street (Yangshuo Xi Jie), Guilin

    Slim-jim Rice Noodles
    The most famous snack in Yangshuo West Street is the Slim-jim Rice Noodles and also the cheapest breakfast in that street. It can not be described as a restaurant and said nothing to luxury. Just liking a street booth on the road, but it is very famous. Don not worried about the cleanness; all of its dishware have been processed disinfecting. This noodle restaurant is almost a self help one, as people can concoct the rice noodles by themselves. 
    Address: Yangshuo West Street, Guilin 

    Mc Found 
    Mc Found was originated from a restaurant no more than 15 square meters providing noodle products. It is a traditional hut full of natural and wild ambience. Mc Found is not only a restaurant but also warmly home for people or tourists. It serves classical flour made food. Rustic, archaic and warm pattern will recall you. There are now four branches in Guilin: Qi Xing, Fu Bo, Xin Yi and Can Luan. Address of Can Luan Branch: 3 Can Luan Road, Guilin 
    Address of Qi Xing Branch: 15 Qi Xing Road, Guilin 
    Address of Fu Bo Branch: 20 Fuhe Lane, Guilin
    Address of Xin Yi Branch: 7 Xinyi Road, Guilin

    Jin Bu Huan Suan Dian 
    Jin Bu Huan Suan Dian located on Zhongshan Middle Road is the most place for pickle. It was said that the most delicious pickled vegetables are from this restaurant. It is a mini room providing not only pickle but also chaffy dish. And one of the most important things to do in Guilin is the tasting of its delicious picked vegetables. Jin Bu Huan Suan Dian plays the role of the symbol of the Guilin pickle. This small restaurant is always full of people, and often with long standing lines outside. Pickles are varied such as radish, sword bean, cucumber and many more. Vinegary and peppery hot taste will satisfy your appetite. 
    Address: 30-5, Zhongshan Road (M), Guilin, Guangxi 

    Guilin Sheraton 
    Guilin Sheraton located by the Li River side, 50 meters to Li River, 80 meters to Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. There are both Chinese and western style dining rooms. There are Ya Qin Coffee, Guo Tai Chinese Food Restaurant and Lu Tuo Bar. Ya Qin Coffee House will provide people abundant and quality western style food. Opening hour is from 06:30 to 22:30, and breakfast is from 06:30 to 10:30. At night, during dinner time, there are piano and violin performances. Guo Tai Chinese Food Restaurant serves local Chinese cuisine and Chinese style musical performance. Luo Tuo Bar serves from 15:30 to 24:30. Cigar, coffee and live performance by singers all are the high lights of this bar. 
    Address: 15 Bingjiang Road, Guilin, Guangxi 

    The Guilinese Good Luck Restaurant (Ju Fu Lin)
    Ju Fu Lin belongs to the Guilin Ren Group (restaurant). It is right located in the Zhengyang Pedestrian Street and easy to be found. If you want to have a try of the decent Guilin cuisine; this restaurant can be one of your choices. Many famous Guilin dishes are available there such as Bacon Belly Cooked in Lipu Taro, Li River Cooked with Beer, Quick Fried Shrimps of Li River and so on. There are performances of songs and dances. Lots of Chinese folk music and dances are included. Address: 10 Zhengyang Road, Guilin, Guangxi Province 

    Natural Cafe (Restaurant and Bar)
    Ambience is in the European classical garden city style. There are five distinct dining regions including non smoking area. Reminiscent atmosphere and elegant ambience, you will feel comfortable as soon as entering it. There is a special stage in the center of the big hall from where you can enjoy the performance. 
    Address: 22 Yi Ren Road, Guilin, Guangxi 

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