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    Nine Streams and Eighteen Gullies originates from Yangjiawu (Yang Family Col) of Yangmeiling (Waxberry Ridge), joins successively the tricklets of the nine cols of Qingwan, Hongfa, Fangjia, Baizhang, Tangjia, Foshi, Yunqi, Zhutou and Xiaokang into streams, and empties into the Qiantang River by way of Xu Village; The Eighteen Gullies, which is located in the Longjing (Dragon Well) Village southwest of the Yanxia Cave, curves around the woods and the mountain foot and joins successively many tricklets of Poet Islet, Su Wen Pool and Cockscomb Pool, etc into gullies, whence came the name of the Nine Streams and Eighteen Gullies.

    The Nine Streams has a total length of 6 kilometers. It has deep mountains and dense forests with winding path along mountain ridges. There are now buildings such as Xizhongxi (Stream inside Stream) Pavilion, Linhai (Forest Sea) Pavilion and Jiuhong (Nine Pool) Pavilion, etc.

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