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    The Prince Bay Park lies at the south hill road, against the Nanping Hill, with an area of 300 mu (1/15 of a hectare). It is the largest park for wedding celebration, with smart and natural artistic taste, suitable for Western-style wedding. There are programs such as "Love Forever" and "A Devoted Couple".

    The wedding ceremony begins with the merry Wedding March, with the bride holding flowers hand in hand with the bridegroom, walking across the tiny bridge through an open lawn to a wedding church.

    They'll come upon a red heart shaped carpet in a rain of colorful paper flakes and will receive the colored ribbons and release pigeons before sitting down at the round table. The ceremony girls will take to them a big bottle of champagne and present them with a red card to congratulate them on their marriage, and ask the couple to drink form a nuptial cup. At the end of the ceremony, the couple will be carried to the small room in the wood in a bridal sedan chair, where they will perform a special ritual in the bridal chamber after kowtowing to the heaven and earth, and to their parents. Afterwards, the couple will ride in a horse-drawn carriage and go into the Western-style garden by a winding pathway, where they will have a wedding feast with their families, thus putting an end to the Western-style wedding. 

    To the park has been added the Lover's Column and Lover's Post Office and other attractions, to create a merry and romantic atmosphere.

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