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    Hefang Street is a well-designed old pedestrian street, which is the epitome of old Hangzhou. The original street has been ruined and it recently takes on a completely new look after lager-scale of restoration. Shops selling art crafts, souvenirs, silk, teahouses, and restaurants line on both sides of the street. Many famous century-old shops including Hu Qing Yu Tang, Wang Xingji Fans can be found along the street.

    Hefang Street is otherwise known as the Snack Street for the diverse food it serves. The street clearly concentrates food from all around the country, while at some time highlighting the local flavors.

    It is located at the southern end of Yan’an Road and the northern foot of Wu Shan Hill in Hang Zhou, with a land area of 13.66 hectare. After destroying Kingdom Chen and setting up the organizational system of Hang Zhou in A.D. 589 by Sui Dynasty, Qinghefang Street had always been the center of Hang Zhou city and the place gathering the businessmen. In the historical street block, you may understand the historical and cultural information and the characteristics of the time from Tianmen Gate of Tang Dynasty, Imperial Street of Southern Song Dynasty, former Residence of Yu Qian of Ming Dynasty, Former Residence of Wu Xueyan of Qing Dynasty, Huqingyutang Traditional Medicine Shop and some constructions of late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China era.

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