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    The Zhexi Grand Canyon has high mountains and rapid currents. It is in the shape of long and narrow endless bands with a total length of more than 80 kilometers. It is composed of three scenic sections. The first scenic section is "Longjing Canyon". With a length of about 18 kilometers, it has exotic peaks, graceful waterfall and dangerous and steep rocks with a reputation of "White Horse Cliff sticking out in the middle and Plowing above the Yellow Ox Cliff".

    The second scenic section is "Shangxi Canyon". With a length of about 26 kilometers, it has a high and steep topography, rapid currents and exotic and interesting mountain stones. It is also a sole production area of the national treaure chicken-blood stone. The third scenic section is "Zhemen Canyon". With a total length of about 30 kilometers, it has layers of mountain waterfall and flowing stone mist as well as exotic and wonderful landscapes of large and small stone gate caves which enjoy an extremely high reputations. 

    The main scenic spots include the Cormorant Pool, Diaoshui Rock, Zhelin (cudrania forest) Waterfall, Jinmen Custom, Xishui (Playing with Water) Beach, Shixiang (Lion and Elephant) Bay and Baxian (Eight Immortal) Pool, which all spread along the Tangku highway. The round trip covers about 40 kilometers.

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