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    Harbin is also called the Eastern Paris, as it is the communication spot between Russian culture and Chinese culture. Naturally in its dining field, there is the mixture of Russian style and Chinese style. Taking the authentic Russian meal is a must in your Harbin tour. In Harbin the Zhongyang Dajie and the Huanghe Road are the two centralized dining places. Taste flying dragon, take smoked salmon, eat catsup bone…Dining has been one part of the ice city tour, and the taste is more delicious in the freezing weather.

    Laodu Yichu Dumpling Restaurant 老都一处饺子馆 

    The history of Laodu Yichu Dumpling Restaurant (Laodu yichu fandian) (dating back some 70 years) tells everything. Here, you have the opportunity to sample traditional dumpling stuffed with cabbage and pork meat as well as some new versions including seafood dumpling and chicken meat dumpling, (locals argue that the current trend for modernization is having an influence here, even down to the food on your plate!)  Aside from dumplings, good standard Beijing dishes are also available. 

    ADDS: No.25 West Street 13 Daoli District Harbin 
    TEL: 86-451-84615895 
    电话:  86-451-84615895

    Fucheng Hotpot Restaurant 福成肥牛 

    The Fucheng Beef Hotpot Restaurant (Fucheng feiniu huoguo cheng) is one of the most popular restaurants in Harbin for traditional hot-pot. Hot-pots here generally fall into one of two categories: zhuangyuan feiniu or bijiu feiniu. The former uses the outer tenderloin, while the latter is tendered. 

    ADDS: 47 Wenchang Street, Harbin 
    TEL: 86-451-82661102 
    地址: 哈尔滨南岗区文昌街47号 
    电话: 86-451-82661101  

    Local cuisines 

    Old Dingfeng Cake
    Old Dingfeng Cake is a well-known century-old brand of its kind in Harbin, once praised by Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty. Representation is the moon cake, made of sugar and flour. It features crisp, soft, and fragrant, never dry although for a long time.

    Crisp Pastry
    A kind of bread, it is sweet, crisp and fragrant. Except for its tasty, it is also nutritional and helpful to digest. For its less moisture, it is not easy to metamorphose and is convenient to take, so it is the tourists’ favor.

    Fried Beijing-style Tripe with Pine Nut
    The local delicacy is made with mung bean anylum, so it is crystal, stretch and not crumbly. The pine nut mixed in it has the function to make it much fragrant. It features bring color, fragrant taste, as well as less crispy.

    Aired Sausage
    Aired Sausage is praised the best of its kinds. The aired sausage produced by Zhengyanglou has been a history of more than 70 years. With fresh muscle as the paw material, accessoried with cassia, Doukou,etc, the sausage is chewy and smell remained after taken. Tourists viewed it as the local specialties and take some back.

    Smoked Salmon
    First, get rid of bone, chop salmon in equirotal pieces, salted it with salt, sauce, vinegar, ginger, garlic, shallot. After this step, steam it, then smoke it with sugar, smear balm, the smoked salmon is completed. It is roseate, delicious, and an endless aftertaste.

    Catsup bone
    Bone here refers to chop of pig. The most famous restaurants in Harbin are Wuji Catsup Bone Restaurant and Wangji Catsup Bone Restaurant. You will have a deep experience to knock the bone, and suck the marrow.

    Flying dragon soup
    Flying dragon is a kind of smaller fowl. The soup has two kinds of cooking methods: First, put the chopped flying dragon into boiling salty water, after two minutes spill the soup, assisted certain seasoning to take it. Another method is

    Chicken braised with fungus
    Chop the chicken in shiver, after fry, add soup and seasonings such as shallot, ginger, etc. As soon as the soup boil, put the fresh fungus to braise about 30 or 40 minutes. The fungus is soft, and smooth, and the chicken is mashed, which is really the traditional cuisine in the northeast of China. 

    Beiqi Fenggu
    Cooked with chicken gristle, minced chicken and beiqi juice as raw material, its unique taste and detoxification was highly appreciated with belly-god.