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    Nightlife in Harbin frankly is a little disorganized: but it is more permissive, more relaxed, and more colourful than daily life.

    Harbin¡¯s young generation, like young people in any other city, spend their evenings searching for release. They are the producers and actors of excitement. The most popular night venues for young people include bars, KTVs, and cinemas. Harbin people are generally good at Russian songs and most of them can seriously and emotively sing one or two of these. But if you prefer quiet places, where you can talk and relax, perhaps a caf¨¦ is a better option. Older people might like to dance for exercise in the square or in the park. But if you are not interested in any of these activities, just go to the Liu Laogen Grand Stage and enjoy the drama of Er Ren Zhuan, a local kind of lively folk art.

    Central Street is considered the most popular street for bars in Harbin. Many unique bars and pub are scattered there.