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    Harbin, as the provincial capital, is the educational, cultural and political centre of Heilongjiang. The city now has a population of 2 1/2 million and is largely an industrial city.
    Airport Information
    Name of airport: Yanjiagang Airport
    Distance to city: 46 km

    Airport Transport:
    Bus: CNY 15
    Airport tax: RMB 90 (international flights)
    Flying hours from Hong Kong on direct flights
    Flight Schedules from/to Hong Kong
    4 hours 10 min

    Home entry permit required for HK Chinese.
    Visa is required for foreigners.
    Click here for more details
    Embassies and Consulates : Please click here Customs
    Customs allowance
    Tobacco: 400 cigarettes Liquor: two 75cl bottles of alcoholic beverages
    Customs rules require an accounting of all valuables including watches, jewellery, cameras and currency that you are taking in. A copy of this is surrendered on departure and anything missing may well be treated as imported and duty required accordingly. Therefore make sure you obtain a police report for any goods stolen during your stay.
    Recorded video-tapes must be declared and may be viewed by the Authorities on arrival. Click here for more details
    Currency : Renminbi (RMB)

    Time Zone : GMT: + 8
    Difference from Hong Kong: + 0
    Accommodation Please click here

    Spring (Apr - Jun): 6.3 C
    Summer (Jul - Sep): 22.8 C
    Autumn (Oct - Dec): 5.5 C
    Winter (Jan - Mar): -19.4 C

    Official Languages: Mandarin
    Language of Business and Administration: Mandarin and English

    220 volts, 50 cycles

    Emergency Number
    S.O.S. Worldwide Alarm Centres
    Ambulance: 120
    Emergencies: 110
    Fire: 119
    Tel No. Enquiry: 114
    Police: 110

    Ice Lantern Festival in Zhaolin Park (held from early January to late February)
    Harbin Music Festival, a 12-day event that takes place in July