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    Snuff Bottle
    The snuff bottle is one of the main ethnic handicrafts of Inner Mongolia. The silver enamel snuff bottle with embedded gems issimply designed with finished workmanship and bright colors. The snuff bottle is decorated with valuable gem such as coral andtophus and one never gets tired of appreciating it.Balin Stone Balin Stone produced in Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia is one of the four renowned seal materials of China. Balin Stone can beclassified into bloodstone, frozen-stone and colorful stone. The stone can be opaque or translucent and is vermeil, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, gray and black. Balin Stone is in a lump. Fine and smooth,crystal as jade, Balin Stone is a rare stone-carving material. Bloodstone seal made from Balin Stone is regarded as a treasureof various seals.
    Silverware of the Mongolian Nationality
    The Mongolian nationality was famous for its silverware even before Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). Mongolian silverware includesthe silver bowl, Mongolian sword, silver kettle, drinking vessel, silver hairpin and headdress and various harnesses. This silverware is simple and elaborately made with elegant colors and pattern, featuring a distinctethnic style.

    Mongolian Sword
    The Mongolian sword is a decoration for men and comes in a variety of models and sizes.This sword shows off the finest workmanship of the Mongolian nationality. The blade of the sword is made of good steel and thehandle is made of ox horn and rosewood. The sword is practical and beautiful. The sheath has a hole for inserting ivory or camelbone chopsticks. The sheath is made from gold, silver or copper with engraved an dragon, tiger and animal's head and cloud pattern.