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    Attractions: Terracotta Worriors, Ban Po Neolithic, Big wild Goose pagoda Shaanxi History Museum , Bell Tower and Great Mosque, Muslim Steet Xian(Huimin Jie) Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple Shao Lin Temple

    Itinerary Details : Day 1 Arrive in Xi'an (No meal )

    -Place & Transport: Arrive in Xian, Flight not included
    --Today's Activities: Upon your arrival in Xian, our tour guide will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel
    --Recommended : Go to DeFu Vally or the bars on the SouthGate,take experience for yourself of the Xi'an nightlife.

    Our guide will hold a welcome sign to meet you outside the baggage claim area at the Xian Airport according to your international (internal) flight schedule

    Day 2 : One-Day Terracotta Warriors Tour (B, L, D)
    -Place & Transport: Xi and private transfer
    --Today's Activities: Terracotta Warriors and Bilg Wild Goose Pagoda

    --Terracotta Warriors: Discovered accidentally in 1974, this incredible army of over 7000 soldiers, archers, horses and chariots in full battle array has guarded Emperor Qin's tomb since 210BC. Each figure is unique, and the painstaking repair and excavation continues in 3 pits which are protected inside huge hangars. 1.5 hours from Xian, there is also an excellent museum and film about the history of the vaults. Photos (no flash) are allowed. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

    --Big Wild Goose Pagoda: A major Buddhist site, the simple, elegant brick Pagoda stands in the grounds of the attractive Da Ci'en Temple. The Pagoda was built in the 7th century to house the Buddhist materials that Xuanzang (Tripitaka) brought back from his epic journey to India. The Temple complex has several large halls with some great Buddhist statues and murals.
    Day 3 : One-Day Xi an Hanyangling tour
    -Place & Transport: Xi an and Private transfer
    --Today's Activities: Terracotta Warriors and Bilg Wild Goose Pagoda

    --Shaanxi History Museum :The central exhibition hall of Shaanxi History Museum has its theme displays in the west part, with a total area of 2,500 square kilometers. Topic exhibitions are usually held there. By far, the museum has had many displays focusing on relics from Zhao Mausoleum, Tang tomb paintings, rare collection of pottery figurines and bronze wares, gold and silver objects of the Tang Dynasty, Tang women's costumes, new cultural relics unearthed in Shaanxi, as well as some exhibitions about other regions, such the Tibetan Buddhism in Qinghai and ethnic culture of Guangxi and Yunnan.

    --The lesser known Terracota Army of Hanyangling, or nicknamed “nude figures of warriors.” It is the Mausoleum of the Western Han Emperor Liu Qi and his wife, the Empress Wangi, and is located in the village of Zhanjianan on the Loess Plateau 20 km North of Xianyang City and some 22 kilometers from both Xianyang airport and Xian. The 81 pits contained terracotta goods for the afterlife including thousands of animals, dogs, sheep, goats and pigs all formally laid out ready for slaughter. There were stoves, grain jars, wine vessels, horses and chariots all intended for the Emperor's use in the next life. What amazed historians even more was the discovery of thousands of nude and semi-nude, armless figures of warriors one third life-size
    Day 4 : Leave xi'an Entry Luoyang Tours
    Place & Transport: Depart Xian, Entry Luyang Xi'an and transfer to Luoyang by the new bullet train. G2002 (8:30~10:23)
    Today's Activities:  the Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple,
    --Longmen Grottoes: The Longmen Grottoes are located in the south of Luoyang City. They are between Mount Xiang and Mount Longmen and face Yi River. Longmen Grottoes, Yungang Caves and Mogao Caves are regarded as the three most famous treasure houses of stone inscriptions in China.

    --White Horse Temple (Baima Temple) : is located 12 km away from Luoyang City. Established by the Han Dynasty in 68 AD when Buddhism started to spread, this temple is believed to be the first Buddhist temple built by the government in China. Covering a total area of 40, 000 square meters, it has been since its establishment regarded as the "originating court" and the "cradle of Chinese Buddhism" by the Buddhist disciples. White Horse Temple has kept more than 40 upright stone tablets through the ages since the Tang Dynasty. Outside of the temple stand two stone horses, all in life-size. They look geniality and tractability. They are the stone-carved horses made in Song Dynasty (960-1279), and they are the excellent artwork.
    Day05 : Shaolinsi Tours Luoyang Exit
    Place & Transport: We will drive 1.5 hours to Songshan Mountain.
    Today's Activities: After breakfast, check out of Hotel, then take private van and drive to the hometown of Kung Fu---Dengfeng County. Visiting the birth place of Chinese Kung Fu---Shaolin Temple, enjoy the Fabulous Kung Fu Show.

    --Shao Lin Temple:The famous Shaolin Temple was first built in Northern Wei Dynasty. Here is the birthplace of Chinese Kongfu. In the temple, you can see the Kungfu show performed by Shaolin monks. And the Pagoda Forest on the west side of the temple is the place where the abbots and eminent monks of Shaolin temple were buried. It is the largest group of ancient pagodas currently preserved in China
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     Xi'an   Hyatt Regency Xian Hotel   Aurum International Hotel  Xi'an City Hotel
     Luoyang  Hua-Yang Plaza Hotel  Peony City Hotel  
    Payment Methods
    (1.)Pay cash to our tour guide upon your hotel pickup in the morning. Both Chinese RMB and USD are acceptable.
    (2.)Transfer the money to tour bank account at least 2 weeks before your tour date.
    (3.)Pay by Credit Card through Paypal. We will send you the Paypal Invoice. You just need to follow the instructions step by step .

    Package includes
    1. Meals as specified
    2. Private Transport
    3. Entrance tickets to the attractions
    4. Guiding service
    5. Insurance
    6. Hotel accomodation based on 2 guests sharing one standard room