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    Civilized some 2500 years ago, Suzhou is the cradle of Wu Culture. Long time ago, Suzhou had gained to its prominent position in China's history. Literati, magnates and politicians swarmed there and numerous cultural heritages have been left, mainly elaborately-designed gardens such as Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Grove Garden, and Lingering Garden. Highly-developed silk industry endowed this city with large fortune. Due to its humid climate and its geography, there are many beautiful water towns (Zhou Zhuang, Tongli, Luzhi and Mudu Town) nearby Suzhou which are worthwhile your visiting.

    ※ Classical gardens are always the most specific reason for visiting Suzhou;

    ※ Boat cruise on the Grand Canal and appreciate alongside Shantang Old Street preserved in original appearance;

    ※ Visit Panmen Gate – China’s largest land & water gate;

    ※ Visit Suzhou Silk Factory and take the chance to see how fabulous silk is produced.

    ※ Avoid hustle city life and indulge yourself in tranquil water towns, walk on meandering on slabstone-paved paths, board a boat and cruise on winding rivers;