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    Highlights :
    1.The West Chapel in Potala contains five golden stupas. The gigantic central one contains the mummified body of the Fifth Dalai Lama. This stupa, built of sandalwood, is coated with 3,720 kilograms ( 8,200 pounds ) of gold ' as thick as a cow's hide' and studded with jewels, which is often addressed as No 1 Ornament in the Orient. It rises for more than three stories, 14.8 meters ( 48.5 feet) high. On the left is the funeral stupa of the Twelfth Dalai Lama, and on the right that of the Tenth. The stupas at both ends contain scriptures.
    2.12-year-old Sakyamuni’s statue in Jorkhang. It is said that Buddha Sakyamuni cast his images on the rock so that the sculptor could make the statues because Sakyamuni was shining and the sculptor failed to see the Buddha. The three images are 8-year-old, 12-year-old and 25-year-old.
    3.Yamataka’s statue at Drepung. The bull-headed religious protector has 9 heads, 16 feet and 24 arms, hugging his concort, which is regarded as the yidam of Geluck sect of Tibet Buddhism.
    4.Namtso: by which stands Nianqingtagula, the holy mountain of the whole northern tribes.
    5. EBC: which causes imagination, excitement and reverence.  

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