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    Perhaps it is better to learn the deep cultures and long history of Xian from the reserved relics in the city, which is reputed as the 'Natural Historical Museum'. From every point of view, the historical and cultural relics in Xian make it rank 'first' in the world. The magnificent Museum of the Qin Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses is called 'the Eighth Wonder of the World'. Along with the nearby Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, it is the first Chinese relics listed in the World Heritage Directory. These two are the remains of Qinshihuang, the founder of the Qin Dynasty. He was a great man who united the whole of China but a tyrant who caused many tragedies.

    The painted nude figures on pottery discovered in the Mausoleum of Western Han Emperor Liu Qi (Hanyangling), called 'Oriental Venus', caused another shock to the world. And the City Wall of Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) is the largest and most complete ancient city wall in the world

    One can also learn the history of Xian from some museums, the famous being the prolific Shaanxi History Museum and Forest of Stone Steles Museum . The latter is reputedly referred to as the 'Stone Historical Stack Room' for the thousands of ancient steles. There is also the mix pot of many religions like Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and Christianity. Many places of worship like the Great Mosque, Daxingshan Temple and Temple of Flourishing Teaching (Xingjiao Si) are well-trodden spots for tourists of all background.

    The majestic Famen Temple, where the finger sarira of Sakyamuni Buddha is stored, is also a resort for visitors. Entertainment activities in Xian are also pretty colorful and have their characteristics to boast about. In the Tang Dynasty Dinner Show and Tang Paradise, you can have a full appreciation of the splendid dance and music performances of the prospering Tang Dynasty. The Northern Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda opens a beautiful music fountain that is said to be the largest in Asia . The popular local Shaanxi Opera (Qinqiang) can also be heard in some large theatres.
Bell Tower City Wall Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Museum of Stone Forest Shaanxi History Museum Tang Dynasty Show
Shuyuan Gate Daxingshan Temple Small Wild Goose Pagoda
Moslem Street Visit A Local Family Tang Paradise
Drum Tower Tang Dynasty Lotus Garden Guangren Lama Temple
Great Mosque  
Terracotta Warriors and horses
Mt. Lishan Taibai Mountain Xianyang Museum
Maoling Mausoleum Tomb of Huo Qubing Zhaoling Mausoleum
Lou Guan Tai Xiangji Temple Taiping National Forest Park
Straw Hut Temple Qinling Zoological Park Western Zhou Chariot Burial Pit 
Hancheng Farmers' Caves Temple of Flourishing Teaching
Famen Temple Banpo Ancient Village Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor