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    Drum Tower is opposite to the Bell Tower, which has been the important historical and cultural relic under state protection. It was built in 1380 A.D, just the Bell Tower's elder by four years. The tower is a tall and magnificent architecture with triple dripping eaves and timbered saddle roof (a Chinese architectural style) covered by glazed tiles. With the pendentives and the colored patterns, it looks very statedly and splendid.

    As there was ever a giant drum in the first floor (a replacement placed there now) of the tower, the correct time used to be given by beating the drum at dusks. In the former days, there were big plaques hung on the first floor, each weighted about 3 tons. On the third floor, there are 14 red exposed pillars and 24 unexposed pillars supporting the top floor. In the hall there are 3 big palace lanterns, 12 mid-sized lanterns and 16 small-sized palace lanterns hung there. The Drum Tower and the Bell Tower are sister tower and are called together the Morning Bell and Evening Drum in Xi'an. Mounting on the second floor, you can overlook the Mt. Zongnan and a beautiful panorama of Xi'an.